New Phone

Losing my old phone is wicked vexing, both because I have to re-enter all of my clients contact information by hand, and also because I really liked that chunky little Nokia.  Nevertheless, my new phone has some pretty sweet features.  In addition to a color screen (!), it also has a Mecca compass which, when given the parameters of your current city and time zone, can orient you in the direction of the Holy City.  Even though the sun is down, I kn0w for a fact right now that Mecca is somewhere off to my left.

It also has a built-in FM radio, and as I rode the bus today I found some interesting stations.  On one of them, DJ Joostin Beeber was playing mash ups of Alicia Keys and Keri Hilson with Indian Bhangra music, with police sirens thrown in occasionally.  On the BBC, a series of callers with Irish accents discussed the recent Egyptian presidential elections.  And on my personal favorite station, a voice patiently read sentences in French like “I want to buy some bread” or “is it very heavy?” and then repeated them in Japanese.  Educational programming, I guess.





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